We champion those voices that offer a different point of view, focusing on women and artists in the LGBTQ community, and we live in constant search of properties that offer a special spin on something familiar, whether it's a filmed project, podcast, or live event.



When we met during a production meeting at a small, storefront theater back in Chicago, neither of us could have guessed where we would end up. Certainly not as a husband-husband-duo of creative producers whose body of work runs the gamut from high-quality, bite-sized podcasts to corporate videos charting the food buying habits of cat owners.

Our move to New York was spurred by a desire to open GrumpyFILMS, inc, our very own boutique production company. GFs has allowed us, for over 12 years now, to work on way too many projects to list in a variety of media. And all the while we’ve been refining our ethos:  to seek out unique voices from under-represented segments of the community who are creating something different, surprising, and delightful in their chosen genre.

GrumpyFILMS has now morphed into Grumpy Entertainment - an all-encompassing company that allows us to keep developing projects for digital media, longform narrative, and (to flex old muscles) exciting and special live performance. At the forefront of this live work is our critically-acclaimed, modern salon revue, "RSVP".

Folks often ask how we’ve been able to work as producing partners while remaining happily husbanded. We’re not sure, but we’re grateful for the trip so far, and look forward with joy to what comes next.


“This is an insider’s take on accessible and enjoyable performance art that will leave you amused, astonished, and entertained.”

Curve Magazine